Our History

The History of Frentzel Products Inc.

Frentzel Products is a 3rd generation company, started in 1946 by Herman C. Frentzel as an engineering consulting group. His son, Thomas H. Frentzel joined the company in the late 50’s, and Frentzel Products was incorporated in 1963 as a precision machining job shop/production job shop. Thomas W. Frentzel joined the family business in 1992 and took over as President seven years later.

Today, Thomas H. Frentzel remains active in company affairs, serving as Chairman of the Board, while Thomas W. oversees the day-to-day business in his role as President.

Frentzel Products currently has around 20 employees, many whom have been with the business for over 20 years.  These longtime employees reflect the core of the company’s culture, providing the experience and knowledge to improve client needs and find the right solutions.  The business has cultivated and maintained the same high level of work ethic, integrity, and long-term commitment to their clients for over 50 years.

The Growth of Frentzel Products

The business was originally located at 125 W. Melvina in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company made this location home for many years, but as the company flourished the business operations required more space. In 2016, Frentzel relocated to a 37,000 square foot building in Sussex, Wisconsin that now serves as their headquarters.

In 1979 Frentzel Products partnered with Harken, an international manufacturer specializing in performance sailing hardware and industrial solutions. Through the years, Frentzel has continued that partnership with Harken, growing their businesses together over the past 35+ years. Like this partnership, Frentzel Products has continued to partner with other businesses cultivating long-term sustained endeavors.

Industries served by Frentzel Products include but are not limited to:

  • Marine Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Water Flow Measurement
  • Commercial & Residential Laundry Machines
  • Filtration