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Some say business and pleasure don’t mix.  Baloney!  Our Frentzel people have proven that dead wrong, because we have had the greatest pleasure and friendship with them forever!  Plus, they have made the greatest products for us with the best worldwide reputation over all else – Thanks, Team Frentzel.

                Peter & Olaf Harken | Harken, Inc. Pewaukee, WI

Frentzel Products is a 3rd generation company, started in 1946. Frentzel Products is capable of handling our client’s individual needs, yet large enough to handle even the largest jobs. We build long term relationships with our clients to help them be more successful.

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Frentzel Products is a Complete Single Responsibility Machining and Manufacturing service. From purchasing raw stock, performing all machining operations, welding, heat treating and plating, to final assembly of components ready for packaging.